PVC spiral cable
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Technical Data

Temperature range flexing -5°C to +70°C
Nominal voltage H03VV-F U0/U 300/300 V
H05VV-F U0/U 300/500 V
Test voltage 2000 V
Expansion ratio 1:3
Straight ends in each case 200 mm


Cable Structure

  • Copper wire bare, finely stranded acc. to DIN VDE 0295 Class 5 / IEC 60228 Class 5
  • Core insulation: PVC
  • Core identification acc. to DIN VDE 0293-308
  • Protective conductor: starting with 3 cores
  • Cores stranded in layers
  • Outer sheath: PVC
  • Sheath colour: see datasheet


  • On request closed spiral lengths up to max. 5000 mm possible.
  • As well in axial construction
  • The conductor is metrically (mm²) constructed, AWG numbers are approximated, and are for reference only


  • Lighting industry
  • Data installations
  • Shops
  • Telecommunication

Items PVC spiral cable

No. of cores
Cross-section (mm²)
Outer diameter
Outer sheath colour
Item description
Part no.
Sheath colour Spiral length (unexpanded) mm Spiral length (expanded) mm Outer Ø mm (approx.)



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