Cables and and Cable Accessories for Photovoltaic Systems

As a partner of the photovoltaic industry, HELUKABEL supplies cables and wires that reliably withstand all external influences such as humidity, UV radiation and extreme temperatures. Our portfolio ranges from DC string cables connecting the panels to low, medium, and high voltage cables for interconnecting systems and linking back into the power grid to fibre optic and data cables for networks and communication. In addition, we offer integrated cable management systems consisting of connectors, plugs, conduits, glands, enclosures and tools. In this way, we support manufacturers, installers and operators of photovoltaic systems all over the world in generating clean, sustainable and renewable energy.

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Our Solar Cables and Cable Accessories for PV Systems

The global need for clean energy is the driving force behind the movement towards solar power generation. From humble beginnings, solar is now considered a mainstream source of renewable energy. Today, solar installations can be found in private homes, factories and offices as well as in utility size farms and floating solar farms.

To successfully harness energy from the sun, selecting the correct equipment and choosing the right partners are essential. HELUKABEL is a globally recognised leader in the renewable energy sector.


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With our diverse product range, we are able to provide cables and wires required for solar installations. The illustration below demonstrates how our products apply to every aspect of the solar cycle, from the DC string cables connecting