• EAC certification
  • UV-resistant
  • Length marking in meters
  • UKCA certification
  • double screened
  • improved EMC properties due to protective conductor divided into thirds
  • for outdoor use
  • 3x16 + 3G2,5 mm² and larger: suitable for direct burial
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Technical Data

Motor connection cable for frequency converters in alignment with DIN VDE 0250
Temperature range flexible -5°C to +70°C
fixed -40°C to +70°C
Nominal voltage AC U0/U 600/1000 V
Max. permissible operating voltage alternating current (AC) conductor/earth 700 V
three-phase alternating current (AC) conductor/conductor 1200 V
direct current (DC) conductor/earth 900 V
direct current (DC) conductor/conductor 1800 V
Test voltage core/core 4000 V
Coupling resistance see datasheet
Minimum bending radius flexible <12 mm: 10x Outer-ø
flexible >12 mm: 15x Outer-ø
fixed 4x Outer-ø


Cable Structure

  • Copper wire bare, finely stranded acc. to DIN VDE 0295 Class 5 / IEC 60228 Class 5
  • Core insulation: PE
  • Core identification: brown, black, grey, green-yellow (divided into thirds)
  • Protective conductor: GN-YE divided into thirds (3+3-core structure)
  • Cores stranded with optimal lay lengths
  • 1. Screen: plastic-coated aluminium foil (St)
  • 2. Screen: braided screen of tinned copper wires, approx. coverage 85%
  • Outer sheath: Special-PVC
  • Sheath colour: black (RAL 9005)
  • Length marking: in metres


  • resistant to: UV radiation, weathering effects
  • for outdoor use
  • the materials used during manufacturing are cadmium-free, contain no silicone and are free from substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers
  • symmetrical 3-PLUS-composition (protective conductor divided into thirds and stranded uniformly in the interstices) with improved EMC properties in comparison to 4-core-composition
  • optimal screening enables interference-free operation of frequency converters
  • low coupling resistance ensures good electromagnetic compatibility
  • low mutual capacitance of the individual cores due to PE core insulation and low screen capacity, enable low-loss power transmission


  • flame-retardant acc. to DIN VDE 0482-332-1-2 / DIN EN 60332-1-2 / IEC 60332-1-2
  • UV-resistant acc. to DIN EN ISO 4892-2
  • weather-resistant acc. to DIN EN ISO 4892-2
  • electromagnetic compatibility acc. to DIN VDE 0875-11 / DIN EN 55011
  • minimum cross-section of 0.75 mm² meets requirements acc. to DIN EN 60204-1
  • certifications and approvals:
  • EAC


  • the conductor is metrically (mm²) constructed, AWG numbers are approximated, and are for reference only


  • Used as a connecting cable for medium mechanical stress with fixed installation and occasional free movement in dry, damp or wet rooms, as well as outdoors; direct burial installation is possible beginning with 3x16+3G2.5 mm². Used in automotive, food, packaging and chemical industries, as well as in the environmental technology sector. EMC = Electromagnetic Compatibility; in order to optimise EMC properties, we recommend a double-sided and all-round large contact area of the copper braiding.


Cross-section (mm²)
Outer diameter
Item description
Part no.
Outer Ø mm (approx.) AWG (approx.) Cu-weight kg/km Weight kg/km (approx.)


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