Common questions about the HELUKABEL Online-Shop

Click here for the HELUKABEL Online-Shop documentation.


Does my company need a customer account to order in the Online-Shop?

An order is only possible as a registered user. Creating a customer account is free of charge and is done by submitting the registration form.
In addition to the ordering option, a customer account offers further advantages such as displaying stocks and saving one or more shopping baskets as well as shopping lists.

How do I create a customer account?

To create a customer account in the Online-Shop, click on the "Request login" button in the header of the Online-Shop. Click "Request login", submit the completed registration form. Activating the customer account may take a few working hours.

As soon as the registration process is completed, you will receive an email from us asking you to assign your personal password.

Can multiple users be added to a customer account?

Multiple users can register per company. Please send a separate registration form for each user.
Alternatively, customers who want to access with a generic email can register with an email address such as purchasing@, orders@, ...

How do I login to the Online-Shop?

To login to the Online-Shop, click on the "Login" button in the header of the Online-Shop. This will take you directly to the login page. Once you have successfully entered your login credentials, you are logged into the HELUKABEL Online-Shop with your customer account.

How can I change or reset the password of my customer account?

Change password:
When logged in, you can change your password via the user icon under "Profile".

Forgotten password:
You can request a new password via the following link: change password
Alternatively, you can click on "Forgot password" on the login page and request a new password here. You will then receive an email to reset the password. Please note that this only works with an active shop account.

How can I change my customer account data?

The delivery address and email for sending order confirmations can be changed via the profile icon under profile and addresses. To change other personal data, such as telephone number, billing address, etc., please contact your responsible sales person.


How long is the delivery time?

Please refer to your order confirmation for the delivery time. All information on the delivery date is approximate.

What are the shipping costs?

From a net order value of 1,000€ (without metal surcharge, without VAT, without shipping costs) we deliver within Germany "Freight Allowed”, without unloading, excluding packaging. Even freight collect shipments are made without unloading. The following flat rates are charged for freight collect shipments in Germany:

·        Small packages up to 31.5 kg 15€

·        Shipments by freight forwarder over 31.5 kg 0.60€/kg

·        The Customer bears the cost of special routings

How much are the packaging costs?

HELUKABEL generally charges (in addition to the cable drums) a 10.00€ packaging flat rate. Packaging material will either be invoiced or made available on a loan basis. Pallet cages and Euro pallets will be delivered on an exchange basis. Disposable drums will be invoiced and cannot be returned. HELU drums will be supplied on a loaned basis.

·       Drums of size 1.00 m (Size 10) and larger are free of charge for the first 12 months.

·     In the months 13 to 18 we charge lending fees.

·        If not made available for pickup by the end of the 18th month, the full drum price will be charged.

Please see our information sheet HELUKABEL drummanagement 1/2012.  HELUKABEL will pick up HELU drums that have been made available for pickup within Germany free of charge.
HELUKABEL assumes the cost for return transport. In such case, HELUKABEL will decide on the freight forwarder and the pickup date. Customer assumes responsibility for loading.
The originator bears any costs incurred due to return transport not done in accordance with instructions. HELUKABEL is entitled to invoice the drum price for deliveries outside of Germany. There will be no retrieval.

Can I have orders delivered abroad?

No, delivery is made to addresses within Germany that have been or can be created in your customer account. To create a new delivery address, click on the user icon, "Addresses" and "Add new delivery address”.


Where can I view my orders in the Online-Shop?

To do this, log in to your account in the Online-Shop. You can view your current and previous orders from the Online-Shop by clicking on the user icon and the menu item "Order History".

Can I change my order at a later date?

It is not possible to change orders after they have been placed in the Online-Shop. Please contact your responsible sales person.

Can I cancel my order?

An order cannot be cancelled by the customer in the Online-Shop.

How can I view the status of my order?

Via the user icon under the menu item "Order History" you can view the status of the order in the column "Order Status". In the detailed view of each order there is also the option to track the shipment (Track & Trace).

Can I save a shopping cart?

Shopping carts remain saved for registered users. Simply create a free customer account in the Online-Shop.

Can I save several shopping carts?

You can save several shopping carts in the HELUKABEL Online-Shop, order them separately and have them delivered to different addresses.

How can I order individual lenghts?

This varies depending on the item. If an item can be cut, you can enter your desired length in the "Length field" on the product or item details page. Please note that additional cutting costs will be charged for customised lengths.


What payment methods are available in the Online-Shop?

The following payment methods are available via our payment provider "PayPal Plus".

·        Paypal

·        Debit card

·        Credit card

How can I pay by credit card or debit card?

After completing your order, you will be redirected to Paypal. You can choose from the following payment methods:

·        Paypal

·        Debit card

·        Credit card

Click on "Pay with credit or debit card" (below Paypal Login). In the next step you have to enter your email address to receive a payment confirmation after payment. You do not need a Paypal account for this. 
In the next step you can choose between debit or credit card and enter your bank details. After successful payment you will receive a confirmation email from HELUKABEL and Paypal.

Can I place my order "on account"?

Payment "on account" is only available to existing customers after an appropriate credit check. New customers can only pay in advance.

How do I redeem a HELUKABEL Online-Shop voucher?

You can redeem your voucher in the shopping cart or in the order overview under "Vouchers". Only one voucher per order is valid.


What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value is 100€ , based on the net price without metal surcharge. For orders below the minimum order value, a surcharge of 10€ will be added.

How much is the cutting service?

In the HELUKABEL Online-Shop, you can order cables in your desired length. For customised lengths, we charge a fee per cut of

·        15€ for outer diameters up to 25 mm

·        35€ for outer diameters up to 35 mm

·        55€ for outer diameters larger than 35 mm

These charges do not apply if standard lengths or lengths on stock are ordered.

What is included in the Online-Shop prices?

The Online-Shop prices are net prices EX WORKS, without packaging, without postage, without insurance, without customs costs, without shipping costs and without metal surcharges.

How is the metal surcharge calculated for cables & wires?

For cables and wires, the net price already includes the so-called copper base price.

·        For standard cables and wires: Copper base price = 150€/100 kg (Unless otherwise agreed in writing)

·        Exception: For telecommunication cables: copper base price = 100€/100 kg, Underground cables: copper base price= 0€/100 kg

The sale price is increased or reduced by the difference between the copper base price and the copper quotation. The copper number is multiplied by the copper difference.

If not otherwise stated, the copper number applies per 1000 m. The calculation basis for the sales price is our published metal quotation quoted on the exchange for copper on the day prior the day the order is received the day before the order is received.
Click here for the current metal quotation in the Online-Shop.

Calculation example:
JZ-500 8 x 0,75 mm², Part no. 10040
Copper quotation: 500€/100 kg (angenommener Wert)
Copper base: 150€/100 kg
Copper number: 58 kg/km
Copper surcharge: ((500€+ 5€*) – 150€) / 100 x 58 kg/km = 205.90 €/km
*calculated value 5€ = 1% of 500€

Other metal surcharges (e.g. aluminum, nickel, lead) are handled equivalent to the copper calculation.

How is the metal surcharge calculated for cable accessories?

Metal calculation for brass:
Metal surcharges contain a brass base cost of 150.00€ per 100 kg of brass. The computational basis for the sale price is the price quoted on the exchange (exchange quotation for MS 58. Processing stage 1) on the day after receipt of the order plus purchase costs. The sale price is increased or reduced by the difference between the brass base cost and brass quotation by allowing a 5% brass surcharge or discount, respectively, for every full 13€ per 100 kg. Such surcharges are always quoted on a purely net basis.

Metal calculation for copper:
Equivalent to cable and conduits (see above).

Metal calcultaion for copper lugs:
The prices contain a copper base cost of 150€ per 100 kg of copper. The computational basis for the sale price is the MK price for copper on the day before the day the order is drafted. The copper number is to be multiplied by the copper difference. If not otherwise stated the copper number is per 1000 pieces. All metal surcharges or discounts are always quoted on a purely net basis.

All information without guarantee. Errors excepted.

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