• EAC certification
  • Length marking in meters
  • UKCA certification
  • low capacitance
  • with drain wire
  • EMC-preferred type
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Technical Data

PVC data cable
Temperature range flexible -5°C to +70°C
fixed -30°C to +80°C
Peak operating voltage 250 V (not for high power current installation purposes)
Test voltage core/core 2000 V
Test voltage core/screen 1000 V
Conductor resistance at 20°C 0.22 mm²: max. 93.0 Ohm/km
0.34 mm²: max. 57.5 Ohm/km
0.5 mm²: max. 39.3 Ohm/km
Mutual capacitance core/core at 800 Hz
2 - 4 pairs: approx. 72 pF/m
8 - 10 pairs: approx. 60 pF/m
Crosstalk attenuation at 1 MHz, 50.00 dB
at 10 MHz, 40.00 dB
(approx. value)
Inductance approx. 0.66 mH/km
Coupling resistance at 30 MHz, approx. 250 Ohm/km
Minimum bending radius flexible 12x Outer-Ø
fixed 7.5x Outer-Ø


Cable Structure

  • Copper wire bare, stranded
  • Wire structure:
  • 0.22 mm²: 7 x 0.2
  • 0.34 mm²: 7 x 0.25
  • 0.5 mm²: 7 x 0.3
  • Core insulation: PE acc. to DIN VDE 0819-103 / DIN EN 50290-2-23 (compound type LD/MD)
  • Core identification acc. to DIN 47100 (paired stranding), colour coded
  • x = without protective conductor
  • Cores stranded in pairs with optimal lay lengths, Pairs stranded in layers with optimal lay lengths
  • Foil wrapping
  • Drain wire, tinned copper
  • Screen: braided screen of tinned copper wires, approx. coverage 85%
  • Outer sheath: PVC acc. to DIN VDE 0207-363-4-1 / DIN EN 50363-4-1 (compound type TM2)
  • Sheath colour: grey (RAL 7001)
  • Length marking: in metres


  • the materials used during manufacturing are cadmium-free, contain no silicone and are free from substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers


  • flame-retardant acc. to DIN VDE 0482-332-1-2 / DIN EN 60332-1-2 / IEC 60332-1-2
  • certifications and approvals:
  • EAC


  • the conductor is metrically (mm²) constructed, AWG numbers are approximated, and are for reference only


  • PE-insulated data cable with twisted pairs, for interference-free transmission of data and signals over longer distances. The twisted-pair lay-up prevents electrical unbalances within the cable and this thus effectively suppresses cross-talking effects. The high transmission rates are particularly suitable for RS 422 and RS 485 interfaces; suitable for fixed installations in dry, damp and wet rooms, but not outdoors. EMC = Electromagnetic Compatibility; in order to optimise EMC properties, we recommend a double-sided and all-round large contact area of the copper braiding.


No. of cores
No. of pairs
Cross-section (mm²)
Outer diameter
Item description
Part no.
Outer Ø mm (approx.) AWG (approx.) Cu-weight kg/km Weight kg/km (approx.)
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